Enhancing the Benefits of Utilizing a Staffing Agency

Why You Should Consider Incorporating an Onsite Recruiter


Think about how you make use of a staffing agency. After laying out the requirements of the positions and what you expect, do you just call them up and tell them to send X amount of people this week? Or do you consider them a true partner, an extension of your team, a vital part of conducting business? Sure, some company needs are minimal and/or sporadic. And just having an established relationship to obtain the additional labor that you need may be sufficient.
However, if your company is one that relies on a considerable, yet flexible workforce for your production and warehousing needs, you may benefit from an onsite recruiter.

What is the difference between an in-house recruiter versus an Onsite Recruiter?

An in-house recruiter is one that works at the staffing agency and is typically assigned multiple accounts to work with on a daily basis. Where an onsite recruiter is dedicated to your company and spends time, often all day, at your facility, becoming a part of your internal team.

Some advantages of an Onsite Recruiter:

An Onsite Recruiter allows for focused recruiting 

While a staffing agency has a team of recruiters that work on open orders, the office also has many clients that they are serving. With an onsite recruiter, you have a dedicated recruiter focusing all of their efforts on your needs. They build relationships with multiple people across your company. They have a more intimate understanding of your environment as well as the specific roles and responsibilities of each position.

An Onsite Recruiter is always available for direct interaction

Communication is key. When you add additional people to the mix, your needs can be misinterpreted or missed. An onsite recruiter eliminates the middleman and offers a direct connection to the person in charge of relaying your daily needs. Since onsite recruiters are easily accessible and immersed in your company, they can better anticipate and be prepared for your fluctuations in labor needs.

An Onsite Recruiter takes on administrative tasks  

Daily check-ins, attendance, onboarding, time clock reporting, and more… All of these tasks are necessary to run your business but are very time-consuming for your HR department. An onsite recruiter takes on these tasks and can report back any issues or suggest improvements. This saves your team time that can be focused elsewhere.

An Onsite Recruiter helps ensure a safe and compliant working environment  

An onsite recruiter is crucial in helping to reduce and eliminate safety issues in your environment. Onsites can help lead safety training and walk production floors to make sure employees are complying with company safety standards. This is especially true for food and medical manufacturers, who have both corporate and federal standards to meet. With this additional presence, injury rates and lost time can be reduced, while increasing quality and product standards at the same time.

Having an Onsite Recruiter on hand at your company can greatly increase the value of your agency partnership and ease the strain of managing your workforce needs. Contact The Xcel Group today to see how we can help make an Onsite Recruiter an integral part of your team.