Also Contagious – Attitudes

Is Yours Worth Catching?

The past couple of years have taught us all a lot more than we ever wanted to know about contagions, the microscopic kind. But there is another definition of the word, meaning the spreading of a harmful idea or practice. And the word contagious isn’t always referring to the spread of organisms. It can also be the spreading of an emotion, feeling, or attitude, which can be harmful or beneficial.

Think about those that you want to be around at work. Is it the optimistic and cheerful co-worker and the manager that cheers you on? How about the constantly complaining, mad at the world teammate? Or a manager that grumbles about you, the company, and life in general?

Now think about the kind of attitude you yourself are spreading.

So many studies have shown that being around leaders and co-workers with a sanguine attitude subconsciously influences our own frame of mind for the better. When we have positive thoughts and feelings, our brains release serotonin which enhances mental functions such as creative thinking and focus. This is good.

The opposite is also true. As published by MindHealth360, when there is negativity in our presence we can quickly get caught up by the adrenalin that our brains produce in reaction to the pessimist amongst us. Repeated or constant exposure to negativity can have long-lasting effects of poor concentration and poor memory. This is not good.

Since 2020, we have become acutely aware of germs and the etiquette that serves us all best in order to stay healthy. And now we also know that a positive attitude isn’t just good for you, it’s good for business. 

Remember, people have choices regarding where they want to work. Whether in an office or a factory, the tone of their surroundings makes a difference. For the staffing industry, employee retention and the reduction of turnover starts within the walls of the agency. However, if there are poor attitudes from teammates or management upon placement, employees will quickly seek a different opportunity.

At The Xcel Group, we take a lot of pride in the way we share positive energy with all of our associates. After all, we have a Passion for People! Contact us today to see how we can help you with your staffing needs.