The XCEL Group: What We Do

A Human-Centered
Staffing Agency

We believe better business is achieved by investing in people first.

Our expertise is staffing for light industrial, warehouse, and distribution clients throughout the midwest. Our success is due to our dual commitment to clients and candidates - or simply to people.

At XCEL, our client is the center. We design and provide employment solutions empowering our clients to make informed decisions about their business and growth needs. We solve human problems. We provide strategic growth by designing custom and intuitive human resources for our clients.

Measured & Calculated

Industry Leading Analytics

We are committed to strategic growth and we take this a step further so you can gain further visibility into key insights for your business.


Metrics allows for monitoring & evaluation


Timely visibility of hours and cost


Make data-driven decisions


Track employees and employment over time


Know your workforce like never before

By far the best I’ve seen from any vendor in my time doing this. And I have talked to more agencies you can think of.

- Top Client, Director of Business Operations

Meet MeRV

Our Mobile Recruiting Vehicle (MeRV) - allows onsite recruiting no matter client location of facility. MeRV is XCEL's full staffing services on wheels so we can source, recruit, and vet candidates anywhere at anytime within local communities and neighborhoods closest to our client facilities. A true innovation in staffing services allowing for fuller transparency and quicker turnaround time and accountability.

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