Short on Labor? You’re Not Alone

This past year and a half have been difficult and crazy times. And with that, there is currently a labor shortage in manufacturing as well as numerous other industries. 

As pointed out in this Business Insider article, many things are contributing to this shortage. Some of the causes include enhanced Unemployment Benefits that can mean earning more money from the added stimulus than showing up for a job, continued COVID-19 worries, or the need to be home to care for children, elderly parents, or an ill family member. Any of these issues may make a person choose to not enter or re-enter the workforce right now.

There are countless articles out there about the state of the economy.  There are news reports that explain the demand for certain goods is increasing as well as the costs for those goods, and how the effect is being felt throughout industries. And with increased demand, manufacturing needs more employees. Or they need their current employees to work even more hours to make up for staff shortages. 

What if that’s not going so well for you right now? That old quote “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” comes to mind. 

What is an employer to do?


Take stock of everything about your positions, both open and currently filled.


  • Are your wages in line with other companies in your area? 

Now is not the time to be just under the average. Average probably won’t cut it either. Unless you can beat the company across the street with the items listed below as well.

  • How do you treat your employees? 

Take a hard look at your employee engagement. Whether permanent or temporary employees, people know that right now they have multiple choices on how to spend their day in exchange for a paycheck. Pay rates count, but so does the way that someone feels when they walk in each day. Not only about their actual duties, but how they are treated and appreciated by their superiors. 

  • What benefits are you offering? 

A few benefits to consider: healthcare, paid sick leave, optional overtime, flexible schedules, paid days off, etc.


It can be hard to change the way that you have always done business, especially when employers have traditionally called all the shots about pay, hours, stress levels, and more. You have been very black or white in the past in your expectations of your employees and what you offer in return. However, there has been a shift in our world recently and necessity can be an opportunity to think outside of the box. To change things up in ways never before considered. This past year has proven that change can be positive.

The Xcel Group can help with creative solutions. Contact us to discuss your staffing needs, and together we can look at how we can get you the best workforce that you need and when you need them.