Re-Examining New Hire Requirements

When Being Exacting Isn’t Working For You

We all are painfully aware that the labor market of 2019 is nothing like the market of 2022, especially in manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. The landscape has changed drastically. But have your requirements when hiring?
You already know that there are strict rules about requiring background checks and when you can disqualify someone due to their history. (If you need a refresher, you can read about it here.) But what about everything else? 
Recently, together with our client, we were able to examine each of their open positions and the list of ‘requirements’ that were deal-breakers if not met by potential applicants. By really breaking things down with them our client realized that their list of ‘Wants’ doesn’t always have to equal ‘Must-Haves’. 
By looking more at both soft and transferable skills and less at checking every box we were able to broaden the search for new hires. That approach then equaled an abundance of people that could successfully fulfill their needs. 
Having too many requirements or hoops that need to be jumped through is a quick turn-off for those that are looking for new employment. Make sure that their search includes you.

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