The Value of the Onsite Recruiter

Finding the best talent for your company can be a difficult endeavor to take on. When an organization sees rapid growth and needs to increase the size of its production teams, XCEL has a solution for you – the XCEL Onsite Recruiter. There are many advantages to having an onsite recruiter presence in your company – here are just a few:

Onsites allow for Focused Recruiting

While a staffing agency may have a team of several recruiters working on open orders, the office also has many clients that they are serving. With an onsite recruiter, you will have a dedicated recruiter focusing all their efforts on your company’s needs. From recruiting to training and onboarding, the onsite is there every step of the way.

Onsites take on Administrative Tasks

Daily check-ins, attendance, onboarding, time clock reporting, and more… These tasks are necessary to run our business but are also be very time consuming. An onsite recruiter takes on these administrative tasks and reports back to you with the results. This saves you time that can be focused on growing your business.

Onsites are available for Direct Communication

Communication is key in business. When you add people to the mix, your needs can be misinterpreted or missed down the line. Having an onsite eliminates the middle man and offers a direct connection to the person in charge of recruiting your team’s talent. And since Onsites are in daily communication with their customers every day, they can better anticipate and be prepared for spikes in orders before anyone else.

Onsites help foster an environment of Increased Safety

An onsite recruiter can be crucial in helping reduce and eliminate safety issues in your production process. Onsites can help lead safety trainings and walk production floors to make sure employees are in compliance. Because of this, injury rates and lost-time can reduced.

The onsite recruiter can become a valuable member of your company’s team. For more information on how your company can benefit from an onsite recruiting presence, contact us!

infographic of onsite recruiter woman smiling at desk