Let’s Walk – And Talk

Have you thought about a walking meeting?

We all know that walking 30 minutes or more a day is good for your health. But we may not be as clear as to why Walking Meetings are a great idea. In honor of National Walking Day, (yes, it’s a thing thanks to the American Heart Association) let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of walking meetings since you are finally back in the office and among others.


First of all, when the walk consists of a supervisor and subordinate, the removal of the usual barrier of a desk or table between the two gives a better sense of peer-to-peer conversations. And if the meeting is between coworkers, an increase in bonding can be experienced. Both of these combinations while walking encourage more honest exchanges and the expression of creative ideas. Studies have suggested that these types of meetings also support cognitive engagement which is the fancy term for better focus on the job. 


It probably isn’t a great idea to try a walking meeting when there are negotiations, when visual materials are needed, when a lot of note-taking is necessary, or when there are more than three or four people. But if you have regular one-on-ones or are looking to bounce creative ideas around, a walking meeting is a prime opportunity to get the blood pumping and to get away from the usual background noises and interruptions that are common in the office. Plus you get some fresh air, a bit of sunshine, and a chance to just move your limbs.


So pick a route in the neighborhood, make a maze through the parking lot, or set your sights on that frozen yogurt along the way. And get walking and talking!


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